Integrated Deceleration Program

Are you feeling stuck in your health and wellness?

Have you been on the roller coaster of weight loss - losing some then putting it back on multiple times?

Does your relationship with food bring you stress?

Do you desire to regain your energy, confidence, and purpose in life?

Are you ready to take back control of your life through food and exercise while enjoying the process?

If you answered yes to the questions above, the Integrated Deceleration Program is exactly what you need.

No need to scroll. I’m in!

I see it far too often. People navigate the current landscape of health and wellness trying to find truth. All the while, they are suffering and experiencing detriments such as:

➤ Yo-yo dieting and results - losing and gaining the same 30 pounds over and over again

➤ Falling into the all or nothing mindset with food - it’s either 100% healthy or a full on cheat day

➤ Overwhelm caused by resources that contradict one another and feeling hopeless when it comes to finding sustainable results

➤ Depleted energy day in and day out - turning to coffee and sugar just to get through each day

➤ Companies preying on insecurities and the desire for quick fixes, leading to empty promises in the forms of powders, products, and pills.

I help folks change their lives in simple and sustainable ways. Because ultimately, if it is not easy to incorporate, it will never happen.

The things you will get out of the Deceleration Program include:

  • Personalized vision creation session to guide you on your health journey
  • 6 months of hybrid Coaching (2 group sessions per month + 1 individual session each week) to make your vision reality
  • Unlimited daily access to coach Michael through electronic means (text, email, Voxer)
  • Simplicity and ease with food and nutrition - including recipes and tips to make your time in the kitchen less stressful
  • Individualized fitness assessments and programs designed for your body’s unique needs
  • Ongoing education and empowerment with meals, movement, and mindset to sustain the work we do together
  • Strategic reflection and prompts to work through emotions that come about when making lifestyle transformation
  • A group of people doing the work together - we do our best as individuals when we have a community behind us
  • Lifetime access to all Inspire Health Coaching modules and education programs

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“Michael takes a holistic approach to his coaching and that works very well for me. My attention to food, exercise, and meditation has increased. I have been able to prioritize projects and new habits. He has helped me greatly.”

Christopher Y.

“The ability to look back on what you’ve done and see how your progress has developed is an important skill Michael has helped me build.”

Jack B.

“Michael has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to nutrition, recipes, and awesome workouts! After our meetings I always felt so energized and ready to take on what I considered a tough road to weight loss and optimum health. Even in the challenging times when I felt defeated, Michael was so strong and positive and really helped me get back on track. He simply is the best of the best!”

Kelli P.

“Michael helped me better understand the power I have within myself…He helped me build the blocks of a fully healthy life.”

Sarah L.

Why work with Coach Michael Krug?

I know the temptation that comes from quick fixes and external motivators. I have been there. About a decade ago I was 375 pounds, my blood pressure was 160/100, and my total cholesterol was over 240, all at the age of 20. I had no future outlook and each day I made choices that moved me further and further away from the life I wanted (whether I would admit it to myself or not). Then, one day, I realized two important truths.

  1. If I didn’t make changes starting right then and there, I might die at a young age (or worse, live a life devoid of the things I love to do…)
  2. I was the only person who could save myself

From then on I committed myself to learning and practicing sustainable health habits. I experimented with hundreds of different strategies, from nutrition to exercise to mindset shifts, and through setbacks, adaptation and success, developed simple systems to help others create the health and lifestyles they desire and deserve. I overcame a system that was keeping me unwell, discovered real health, and have since committed to helping others do the same. I have been working as a health coach for nearly 3 years and have empowered dozens of clients in sustainably reclaiming their health and lives. Beyond personal experience, I also carry these credentials:

  • National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC)
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT)
  • Wellcoaches Certified Wellcoach



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