Michael’s 31st Birthday Challenge

A 31 day challenge to optimize your nutrition, fitness and LIFE!

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Who is this challenge for?

This challenge is for YOU if…

  • You are looking to jumpstart your health habits going into spring and ready to develop SUSTAINABLE health habits for LIFE!
  • You have tried to make changes to your health in the past and have not been able to find sustainability in your health and fitness journey.
  • You are ready to take charge of your health, well-being, and LIFE and move from victim to victor in your life’s story.

Who is this challenge not for?

This challenge is NOT for…

  • Individuals who want a quick fix for their health and well-being.
  • People who want to see results without putting in any work.
  • Complainers and those who make excuses and embrace the victim mindset

No need to scroll. I’m in!

What’s included:

This will likely be the most comprehensive health challenge you have ever been a part of. It will include:

  • 4 LIVE coaching calls with Michael Krug, Board Certified Health + Fitness Coach
  • Call recordings in case you can’t make it
  • Daily 1-1 access to Michael via messaging
  • Full access to my health and fitness app for the duration of the challenge
  • 20+ workouts that can be done with minimal equipment (+ structure in doing them)
  • My Easy Recipes for Your Vitality Guide (+ my Simple Nutrition Resources)
  • Additional resources to better understand how you can take control of your health
  • Daily journal prompts to elicit change from within
  • And more…

No need to scroll. I’m in!


This challenge will run from Friday, March 31st through Sunday, April 30th.

Enrollment will open on my birthday - Friday, March 24th - at Noon central time

How much is this challenge?


It’s literally $1 per day for the challenge. You have spent more on a round of drinks than you will on this challenge 😉

No need to scroll. I’m in!

Why am I doing this?

I believe that when more people live a healthier lifestyle, we uplift the shared energy of the entire planet. I have sold programs like this for $300+ in the past, but for my birthday I want to give back and inspire more people to live healthfully and through ABUNDANCE.


I know that the most important thing when it comes to health and fitness is TAKING ACTION!

Because of this, EVERYONE who signs up for the waitlist is eligible for a gift from me.

There will also be prizes given away to those who fully commit to and complete the entire challenge! Those prizes include gift cards, online course access, swag, and more.

How to reserve your spot:

The first step is to get on the waitlist (which you can do at the bottom of this page). After that, you will receive information about getting enrolled via email.

When enrollment goes live on March 24th at 12:00 pm CST, get your spot!


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