Birthday Challenge 2023

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This 31-day challenge includes:


  • 20+ workouts and mobility flows to promote strength and muscle gain
  • 20+ healthy recipes + all my bonus nutrition resources to help you take control of your nutrition
  • 20+ journal prompts and mindset shifting strategies to help uplevel your mindset
  • 4 live group coaching calls (+ access to recordings)
  • Daily messaging with me for accountability and support
  • Access to a community doing the work together.
  • Opportunity to win prizes!

Don’t just take my word for it… Here is what my past clients have to say about working with me as their health and fitness coach


It is hard to put what this program has done for me into words. It was truly the first time I was able to stick with something for more than a few weeks. My confidence level sky rocketed, not necessarily because my clothes fit better, or I was shedding pounds like crazy, but because I had the focus and discipline to take this process one step at a time. By taking this one step at a time, and understanding what I was doing was a long play, I became a better version of myself. I was a better business owner, I was a better friend, husband, and father. The confidence I gained from this has significantly changed who I am not only for myself, but for the people that are closest to me.

I have a new found sense of energy. It is incredible how much better my body functions after learning about high frequency foods and something as simple as water intake. It took some time, but I found the sweet spot for what I needed to put in to my body to function consistently at a high level without the aid of a ton of caffeine.

Finally, was the physical results. I am comfortable wearing my XL shirts and have lost weight and my pants are fitting better. This however, was secondary to the other benefits I gained from this program.

- Zach, MN

Frequently asked questions:

How much is this challenge?

It’s $31 - or 1 dollar per day. You have spent more on a round of drinks than you will on this challenge.

How does it work?

Once you sign up you will receive a welcome email from me followed by emails with access to the fitness app and resources. After that, the majority of the communication will be housed in the fitness app.

What about the calls?

The LIVE group coaching calls will be at 7 pm CST on each Monday of the challenge (April 3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th). Each call will be approximately 45 minutes in length with a max of 1 hour. The calls are held via Zoom.

How do the workouts work?

The fitness app will house the workouts and the app does a great job of allowing you to follow along with the workout in real time.

What equipment do I need?

The workouts are a mix of body weight and dumbbell workouts. However, you can get creative and use household objects if you don’t have any dumbbells!

How do I become eligible for the prizes?

To be eligible for the prizes, you must show up to each of the calls and/or watch all of the recordings. Each call will have a word or phrase to prove you tuned in 🙂

What are the prizes?

The prizes include gift cards, journals, special offers from me, and other swag.

Join the Challenge: $31